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Dr Wilson Were

Dr Wilson Milton Where is a founder member of Kampala Medical Chambers Hospital and is currently working as a Medical Officer in charge of child health services with the World Health Organisation (WHO) headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland.  He is a qualified paediatrician and previously worked as Senior Consultant Paediatricians in Uganda. He worked for more than 15 years in both government as well as private practice as a consultant paediatrician and public health specialist before joining the World Health Organization in 2002.  For the last 10 years at WHO, he has contributed to development of global policies; and for two years ago, is the child health team leader in the Department of Maternal, New-born, Child, and Adolescent health.

Before joining WHO, Dr Were initially worked as a Medical Officer and a Registrar in both Uganda and Zimbabwe before specializing in paediatrics and child health.  For a period of more than 6 years, he worked as a Consultant Paediatrician and Child Health Specialist in charge of the 300 bed Rubaga hospital with the Ministry of Health (MOH) Uganda. As a Senior Paediatrician with MOH Uganda, Dr Where was tasked with supervision of hospitals in Mid-Western Uganda. He held the post of Vice President of the Uganda Paediatric Association (UPA) for over 3 years and was the Chairman of the National Malaria Working Group. He also served as the Chairman National Technical Committee on Expanded Programme on Immunization and as a Central Trainer for Integrated Management of Childhood Illness in the African region.

Dr Were has extensive experience in health systems and could develop very innovative skills and interventions in improving health systems delivery for maximum public health impact. One of the key achievements was improvement of the paediatric services delivery at Rubaga hospital. He could develop a private clientele of over 4,000 paediatric patients at Kampala Medical Chambers (KMCL), International Hospital Kampala (IHK) and Rubaga Hospital within a period of less than five years. As a founder member of KMCL, he contributed enormously to its expansion and development to the level that it is today one of the most specialised clinics not only in Kampala but to the whole country. Over the years, he has worked to influence health policy initially at national level and now at global level.