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INTERFACES WITH:  Patients/Clients, Multidisciplinary health team, auxiliary staff


The purpose of this job is to provide dispensary, drug storage & management services and education on the use of medication to patients & their care-takers. The Dispenser will be expected to maintain the standards of practice as per KMCL guidelines, ensure effective communication and work closely with other members of multi-disciplinary team to ensure delivery of holistic care to the patient.



  • Education: Minimum – Diploma Pharmacy Technician/Dispenser
  • Experience: Two years or more post qualification work experience in a hospital environment is desirable
  • Licensure – Must be licensed as a Dispenser / Pharmacy Technician by the Pharmacy Council of Uganda
  • Effective problem-solving and decision-making skills.
  • Excellent verbal and written skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills with all the multi-disciplinary team, patients and relatives.
  • Critical thinking, insight and good decision- making.
  • Competent in records management, filing and archiving.



Key Result Areas

  1. Be punctual and dependable for assigned work assignments, shifts and duties
  2. Read, verify prescriptions and dispense drugs to patients in line with Ministry of Health (MOH) and KMCH policies
  3. Count, pack, label pills & dispense medications to patients
  4. Educate and counsel patients or their care takers on medication adherence, proper drug use, accurate measuring of syrups, drug adverse effects and drug-drug or drug-dietary interactions while dispensing drugs in line with the good Pharmacy practices
  5. Plan for drugs at the pharmacy and monitor storage conditions on daily basis to prevent loss in quality and efficacy (FEFO- First Expiry First Out) in line with good storage practices
  6. Maintain accurate records for the drugs ordered and dispensed on a daily basis and account for all drugs handled.
  7. Submit reports to management as may be required over time
  8. Carry out stock taking exercises in line with good stores practice.
  9. Monitor the cleanness and organization of the Pharmacy/dispensing areas in line with the Good Pharmacy Practice
  10. Prepare monthly reports to the supervisor in regard to the performance of the pharmacy
  11. Attend departmental meetings
  12. Act always in such a manner to promote and safeguard the confidentiality of patients and clients
  13. Adhering to professional Code of conduct and Ethics.
  14. Communicating effectively with the multidisciplinary team, patients/clients and their relatives and friends
  15. Wear appropriate & accepted uniform as per KMCL uniform policy
  16. Perform any other duties assigned by the supervisor or designated representative as assigned from time to time



  • Dispensers / Pharmacy technicians are expected to work at all times within Pharmacy Council of Uganda code of professional conduct and to observe safety measures as outlined in the KMCH Policy Manual, which you are required to read and refer to as necessary.
  • You are required to adhere to the employment policies as per department guidelines and as per the KMCH Policy Manual.
  • In view of the nature and the needs of the job, you must be physically able to work 8-12 hour shifts as assigned.


Download PDF here: dispenser job description