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INTERFACES WITH: Senior Management Team, Ward in-charges, Nursing Staff, Multidisciplinary health team, Patients/ Clients and families, Auxiliary staff,



To set establish functional systems for HR and Administration at KMCH. To ensure that agreed systems are utilized and regularly revised to meet the highest standards in accordance with the organizational strategy. To manage the employee- employer relations, and the matching benefits. To manage the general administration of the organization while ensuring that the human resources are enhanced and operate to ensure that the organizational goals and objectives are achieved. To ensure that systems adhered to by the team and that are regularly reviewed for continuous improvement that meet the highest standards in accordance with the organizational strategy.



Education: A Degree in Human Resource, Public Administration or business related studies. A Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resources from a recognized Institution or a master’s degree in health service management or related field is desirable.


Experience: At least 5-years professional experience in human resource and administrative systems management, preferably with demonstrable experience in managing human resource.

  • Proven experience of HR & or systems management within the health sector or tertiary institutions or commercial business sector an advantage.
  • Strong leadership and management skills. Experience in designing, implementing & evaluating performance management systems.
  • Proven knowledge and understanding of human resource function an advantage
  • Applicants must have good communication, written & spoken English.
  • Computer skills: Proficiency in Internet, web-based operations, current software applications and experience in use of HR data base tools (an advantage).
  • Understanding of Ugandan Public Sector workplace statutes is a requirement.


Primary Job Responsibilities

Human Resource Function:

  1. Provide overall guidance and leadership to the KMCH on issues of Human Resource including: Personnel recruitment & orientation; Maintenance and updating of personnel files, time sheets, personnel data; annual & other leaves in accordance with KMCH guidelines.
  2. Coordinate the development, review and sign off of the KMCH HR Strategy & Key Policies; Staff Handbook, HR Manual, Chronic Illness, HIV/AIDS Workplace Policy, Gender & Diversity policy, in accordance with the legal framework of Uganda.
  3. Ensure the internal communication & understanding of employment policies, benefits, institutional values & rules; use staff meetings as forums for internal dialogue on HR issues. Provide guidance on grievance management & personnel disciplinary procedures per KMCH Policy Manual
  4. Use coaching & mentoring to strengthen human resource functions such as line management roles, accountability, performance management system and its use; staff training & development needs
  5. Support and work with the KMCH finance & management team on staff salaries & benefits, staff welfare including annual salary surveys, & other personnel statutory issues
  6. Drawing up employment contracts and ensuring that they are adhered to.
  7. Setting up fair and standard recruitment methodology for the organization
  8. Ensuring that background checks are fully conducted before, during and in rare cases; after recruitment/ placement of staff.
  9. Communicating/ educating the human resources on their terms of contract
  10. Managing the appraisal process through line managers
  11. Supporting line management in HR related issues, like disciplining
  12. Developing a sufficient leave management system/ procedure
  13. Arbitration between line managers/ departmental heads, and their employees in accordance with the employment laws
  14. Resolving disciplinary issues that escalate from line management
  15. Ensuring the safe custody and update of the employee files
  16. Developing a database for the HR department, especially for employees
  17. Work with the Director to set and ensure payment of competent salary range and benefits and compensation to employees
  18. Ensuring that payments and benefits (like NSSF) are duly made in reasonable time in conjunction with the accounts department
  19. Monitoring and directing support staff to ensure that the organization operations are smooth (for example customer care, security etc.)
  20. Reporting periodically as may be required
  21. Reporting on areas of improvement and participating in setting the general direction and or management of the organization


Administration function: 

  1. Overall manager of the administration team structures; you shall be accountable for smooth office operations, control of recurrent consumables, and maintenance of utilities e.g. water/plumbing, electrical installations, physical works.
  2. Lead the review, formulation & utilization of standard procedure guides /manuals, for the efficiency of the office logistics and operations, including control of assets & vehicles
  3. Ensure administrative team commitment to continuous business improvement and quality management through mentoring of the team to deliver on quality standards efficiently, as well as training & communication to staff in general for adherence to standards & procedures
  4. Oversee legal requirements of KMCH linked to contracts, insurance & other administrative systems.
  5. Contribute to KMCH strategic planning & other duties as assigned by the supervisor



  • Good knowledge of the Employment Laws of Uganda
  • Planning, organizing and coordinating skills
  • Good communication and negotiation skills
  • Team work and people management skills
  • Report writing skills
  • Financial management
  • Ethics and integrity



  • This position is a full time. Additional requirements require for the incumbent to be of integrity, be accountable, flexible, and innovative. He/ she should have good interpersonal skills. A good understanding of diversity is essential. Other qualities include self-management, self-drive networking & team work; Capacity builder, mentor & role model for team mates.
  • This position calls for one to have the ability to work under demanding deadlines and be able to multitask.
  • You will be expected to observe safety measures as outlined in the KMCH Policy Manual, which you are required to read and refer to as necessary.


Download PDF format here: Adminstrator job description